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CSA Shares and Seasonal Food in Wisconsin
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A place to share experiences and recipes with CSAs and local, seasonal food in the Wisconsin area
This community is a place to ask questions about or share recipes and other experiences with local foods--vegetables, fruit, grains, meat, cheese,etc--obtained from personal harvests, farmer's markets, community supported agriculture shares, or elsewhere. Given the variances across geographic regions and available crops, this community is intended for people in the Wisconsin area who have access to somewhat similar food.

Eating locally and seasonally can seem like an adventure, sometimes. This community offers an opportunity to pool ideas and inspirations,to share creativity and ingenuity. This is a place to share those adventures or connect with others who are taking a similar path.

Feel free to post:

Recipes using local food
Suggestions for using food items
Anecdotes about selecting produce, meat, or CSA, or cooking with the food
Questions on any aspect of CSAs or advice on how to prepare or store food
Photos of your goods (if you are posting large or multiple photos, please place behind a cut)
Tags and descriptive subject lines help make the blog user-friendly, too (tag with farm, food, etc.)

For more information about CSAs, visit the Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition at www.macsac.org.

For a list of farmer's markets in the South of Wisconsin, see the Farm Fresh Atlas brought you in part by REAP (Research, Education, Action, and Policy on Food Group), Dane County Farmer's Market, and UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems.