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Chard, cabbage, etc.

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Aug. 11th, 2008 | 08:29 am
posted by: porcupinetie in csashares_wi

It seems that every week there is something in my CSA box I haven't had before--whether it's a particular type of vegetable or a specific variety of a vegetable I am otherwise familiar with. This past week, I wasn't sure how I wanted to enjoy my first taste of chard. Sauteed with garlic, in a quiche... By then end of the week, with new vegetables on their way, I went with the standby stir fry technique. With such an assortment of vegetables on hand, stir fries seem a really efficient way to use a large variety of vegetables in one dish with ingredients I have on hand. The chard was good, and I was kind of sad it wasn't in my box again, so I could try it prepared another way.

I was able to throw a bunch of vegetables in another dish I made this weekend--coleslaw. I've never made coleslaw, so I was pleasantly surprised when my chopping and shredding and tossing ended up looking like coleslaw. I went with a basic cream dressing with green cabbage mixed with carrots, radishes, and cucumbers. I had a fantastic spicy red coleslaw at Dobhan the other week, but I can't remember the flavors to try and recreate it. I did see a recipe for a blue cheese coleslaw that sounded delicious. I think I'll pick up some blue cheese to go with the other two heads of cabbage I have on hand.

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from: aetrix9
date: Aug. 11th, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC)

Bit late, I realize, with you being out of Chard, but Mark Bittman had a GREAT recipe in last week's Times for chard stuffed with risotto and mozzarella.

We tried it and it was okay freshly made and AMAZING the next day reheated.

Have you tried making your own sauerkraut? You can make it pretty easy in a 2-liter soda bottle weighted with a quart canning jar full of water. You don't _need_ one of those fancy $300 "sauerkraut crocks" that everybody talks about.

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maggie o

(no subject)

from: porcupinetie
date: Aug. 12th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)

That recipe does look good. I'll copy it for future use.

I also really like sauerkraut, but hadn't thought to make it. I will have to investigate further. A $300 gadget does seem unnecessary since people have been making sauerkraut long before those would have been around.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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